A new billboard stands tall in the city of Weslaco

With over 30 percent of their fire department gone because of budget cuts"those with the Weslaco Firefighters Association decided to take matters into their own hands. On Thursday a billboard, paid for by the association, was revealed. Welcome to Weslaco. Home to a Mayor and City Commission who turned their backs on your safety. Chris Cuellar, president of the Weslaco Firefighters Association, said it was the only way they could get their point across. The message of our sign was to notify the public that their lives are being put at risk because of the budget cuts, Cuellar said. The billboard, he said, is not about the firefighters, but the people of Weslaco. Budget cuts have no regard for someone trapped in a burning house or someone having a heart attack, Cuellar said. Former Weslaco Mayor Buddy De La Rosa told Action 4 News he was not surprised by the billboard. They want to get a response from the community, De La Rosa said. Maybe get public outcry from the community to help support the fire and police department.. to get them staffed where they can properly serve and protect us. Cuellar said the sign might be the first but it won TMt be the last.

Weslaco Firefighters Association Statement

City Of Weslaco Statement