A new year TMs miracle baby for a special mom

A family from Elsa spent their New Year TMs Eve a little differently than most.Instead of counting down the New Year TMs ball drop, they counted down a delivery.Leticia Beltran hasn TMt stopped smiling. It feels nice, she said.For the first time, she TMll get to be a mommy. It TMs a blessing for me, she said.Dilon was a gift on New Year TMs Eve. I TMm just very excited real happy, said Leticia.The new mommy had been longing for a child for years, and at 43, her miracle baby finally came. She was able to do that on her own without any type of in vitro or anything like that, and that makes it very special, said her doctor Florencia Perez.Leticia TMs doctor said the new mommy has stayed positive throughout her pregnancy, but she did get a scare, two weeks ago after being involved in a car accident.She was very worried about having the baby at that time, and she didn TMt . The baby was able to get treated, said Perez.Instead of coming two weeks ago, the baby waited until his mommy was getting ready to celebrate New Year TMs Eve.Everybody had plans, and everybody started telling me, ~oh wow. You messed up our plans, TM said the new mommy.Dilon was born just after midnight, 12:04 a.m. to be exact, and weighed 4 pounds 10 ounces.So we still had a nice New Year TMs Day. We rung in the New Year pretty good, said Beltran.Dilon was born only after 33 weeks.A preemie, he is staying in the neonatal intensive care unit for six more weeks.Leticia said she TMs just so thankful to have her family by her side to help her through this special moment in her life.