A smelly situation leads to upgrades on Water Road in Rio Grande City

Rio Grande City officials installed sewer lines for homes on Water Road

Juan Vasquez said he and his family avoided the backyard of their home for years.

"There was a bunch of sewage and stuff and all in the backyard, Vasquez said. It smelled really bad, really bad. You couldn't walk to the back or let the dogs out in the back."

Vasquez TMs property lies on a unique piece of land.

The backyard was located along the banks of the Rio Grande at one point in time.

The water has since receded to where it rests today---but the old way of pumping sewage out of the house did not.

Until a month ago"when Rio Grande City officials installed sewer lines for the cluster of homes located on Water Road.

"We saw the need and we tried to make this happen and it happened, Gilbert Milan, planning director for Rio Grande City, said. They now have sewer service and don't have to buy septic tanks---of course they have to discontinue their cesspool."

Milan said, for ten years, he has heard the complaints from residents about the cesspool situation.

It ultimately came down to money, he said.

Once the city was able to secure the $250,000 from a grant to get the lines put in---they got to work.

"I'm happy that we made this happen for the people of Rio Grande," Milan said.