AACT looks to increase voter turnout ahead of Texas Primary Election Day

Advocacy Alliance Center of Texas

The numbers are dismal.

Voter turnout in the Rio Grande Valley is among the lowest in the state.

Statistics show just 2 out of 10 people voted in the mid-term elections, according to the Advocacy Alliance Center of Texas or AACT.

The grassroots voter organization is trying to turn those numbers around.

AACT TMs goal is to raise voter turnout to 65% at the polls.

Volunteers with AACT have begun phone banking, sending emails and text messages as part of their plan to get people out for early voting which runs from May 14th-25th.

They plan to reach some 63,000 people by the Texas Primary Election Day on May 29th. "Everyday from approximately 2pm to 8pm... We have at least 6 volunteers making phone calls reaching out to our community, Edna De Saro, AACT Ambassador said.

A small office room in McAllen houses the volunteers and serves as the staging ground for AACT TMs campaign.

They're reaching out to voters in both English and Spanish.

AACT's message couldn't be more clear: No Vote. No Voice.

"Votes translate into funding, said de Saro. It's important that we understand that we take responsibility in our hands as part of the community."

In order for AACT to reach its goal of 65% turnout, this is what's needed: An increase of about 61,000 votes in Hidalgo County, more than 32,000 votes in Cameron County and just under 9,000 votes in Starr county, according to the organization TMs figures.

The numbers are compared to the last presidential elections.

TV spots are also urging people to AACT now.

No vote. No voice.

Edna believes the no nonsense approach will work.

"It really is an attainable goal, said de Saro. We can make it happen, but it's going to take everyone in the RGV together."

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