Abandoned dogs find warm home in Rio Grande City

A blue tarp is all that was standing between animals and ice cold temperatures in Rio Grande City.

"We put up this tarp about a week ago when we started getting that cold rain, said Juan Lozano. It doesn't do it justice--when you get inside it's the same temperature as it is out here."

Rio Grande City TMs first animal shelter is not quite complete yet so city employees had to find other means of keeping their four-legged friends safe from the frigid cold.

"We have two dogs impounded for the past two days, said Lozano. Our City Secretary has volunteered to keep them in warmer weather."

Holly Guerrero learned these dogs needed a warm place to stay until the cold passed. She said she knew what needed to be done.

"If you're out there you will be cold, said Guerrero. The animals don't have that much protection through their fur, so you have to imagine they're cold."

Guerrero has a full house and said she will keep it that way until the temperatures go back up.