Abandoned home attracts crime, catches fire

Flames engulfed an abandoned home in Donna Saturday night near the 200 block of 11th Street.

The fire got so intense, that the flames burned through wires on a nearby utility pole.

Some neighbors said the flames got too close for comfort.

Yes, I was (scared), one neighbor said. And now we don't have cable because of it. It burned the wires."

Neighbors said the fire began before 9 p.m.

They tell Action 4 News the home owner died about five years ago, and ever since, it TMs been vacant.

They add it attracts graffiti and some unknown visitors as well, and they TMre not sure if there TMs illegal activity going on.

"I TMve seen a lady go in and out, a neighbor said. I (also) saw a guy walking and he disappeared in the alley."

Neighbors were too scared to speak on camera, but said they TMd like city leaders to get tough on owners of abandoned buildings.

They said vacant homes are putting the people of Donna at risk.

"We got inside the house, 20 minutes later the dogs were barking, the neighbor said. (The abandoned home) was already on fire (and completely engulfed).

The Donna Volunteer Department got flames under control in about an hour. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.