Abandoned La Grulla home used as marijuana stash house

Border Patrol Photo

Authorities are trying to determine who used an abandoned home in La Grulla as a stash house for marijuana.

U.S. Border Patrol officials reported that agents were patrolling the Rio Grande when they saw a home just north of the river with an open door.

Agents allegedly found 36 packages with more than 300 pounds of marijuana worth about $150,000 dollars inside.

Homeowners in La Grulla recently had to leave their homes due to floodwaters from the Rio Grande.

Nobody was inside the abandoned home at the time of the seizure but the case remains under investigation.

In another incident near Rio Grande City, agents reported finding a Chevrol Z-71 loaded down with 800 pounds of marijuana worth about $650,000 dollars near the Rio Grande early Monday.

The driver fled the scene but agents seized the marijuana.