Abandoned La Joya homes used as stash houses

Rotting boards, overgrown grass and tin on the windows"all signs of an abandoned home.

For those living next to these homes the overgrown yards and dilapidated homes aren TMt the problem, it TMs the illegal activity that happens in them.

"I've seen seven or more illegal immigrants at one time, said Augenio Trevio. There are people in and out of that house on a daily basis."

Trevio lives across from an abandoned home on 12th street in La Joya.

He told Action 4 news that he tries not to pay attention to the activity that goes on there, but it TMs hard to ignore.

"They should tear it down or get someone to rent it, said Trevio. It's not a good situation."

Action 4 News went straight to La Joya TMs Mayor to see if the city was doing anything about this growing problem.

"I've already recommended to my city manager to write a registered letter and give them a deadline, said Leo. Remodel them or tear them down."