Abbott focuses on reaching victims of sexual abuse in the Valley

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott addressed ways to reach more children who are victims of sexual abuse in the Rio Grande Valley.

He visited Estrella TMs House in Edinburg today to meet with the staff and discuss issues they face.

I understand 85 percent of children who come here are victims of sex related crimes? he asked a table of Estrella TMs Casa staff.

Executive Director Victoria Medina told Abbott the center saw a spike of internet solicitation cases over the summer, something she believes may be attributed to school being out.

Abbott asked what issues the center faced to reach more children.

"One we want to make sure we arrest and convict anyone who assaults a child whether it be sexual or physical, two we want to help the children over come that assault," Abbott said.

What concerned him the most is that only one in ten children report cases of abuse or neglect.

Medina said one of the ways to reach more children is by working with the Attorney TMs Office who fund more than 40 percent of the centers operations.

So I think for us as the Valley, this visit was important, Medina said. It gives us a voice.

Medina said although an increase in children visiting Estrella TMs House is a sad sign that abuse continues.

It TMs also an indication that more children are seeking help, rather than staying quiet and letting the offender get away with the crime.

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