Abel Limas middleman pleads guilty to four charges

Jose Manuel Longoria Mugshot

The accused middleman in the Abel Limas cash for court favors scandal has pleaded guilty to his role in the case.

Federal authorities arrested 52-year-old Jose Manuel Longoria for wire fraud back in April.

Longoria, who goes by the nickname Meme, was expected to plead guilty to the case at 10 a.m. Thursday but it was delayed at the last minute.

An exact reason wasn't given but records show a hearing for Longoria's guilty plea took place late Monday morning.

Court records show that Longoria is indicted on drug conspiracy, racketeering and aiding/abetting wire fraud charges.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen accepted Longoria's guilty pleas to the racketeering and wire fraud-related charges.

Sentencing for Longoria is set for February 27th where he faces up to 20 years federal prison and/or $250,000 dollar fines for each count.

Longoria is accused of the being the middleman in a racketeering scheme by former 404th State District Court Judge Abel Limas.

Limas , Longoria, four attorneys and four others have all been charged for their roles in the case.

The former judge is expected to be sentenced in January.

Suspect Role Charged Guilty Plea Sentencing Abel Limas Judge March 29th March 31st January 27th Jose Manuel Longoria Middleman March 30th November 21st February 27th Jose Santiago Solis Attorney April 29th April 29th January 27th Ray Roman Marchan Attorney June 21st N/A N/A Francisco Cisneros Bondsman June 21st August 8th February 14th Armando Pea Probationer June 21st July 19th October 24th Karina Pea Wife June 21st July 26th January 24th Jaime Munivez DA Investigator July 19th N/A N/A Joe Valle Attorney August 10th August 10th February 14th Marc Rosenthal Attorney August 16th N/A N/A