Abortion fight gears up for round two

Pro-choice advocates are gearing up for round 2-- as they will have to fight abortion restrictions from becoming law yet again.

The Texas legislature will reconvene Monday, July 1 to take up Senate Bill Five, the Republican backed bill that places new restrictions on abortion. But to pass, supporters of the bill will have to fight pro-choice supporters all over again.

Stephanie Rand is the only woman from the Rio Grande Valley who testified before the Texas legislature regarding Senate Bill Five.

While Rand says she is proud to represent the community, she hopes other women will follow.

"There isn't enough activism; there isn't enough mobilization, not just the women of the RGV but the poor women of the RGV," Rand said.

Rand says she first got involved online and has become increasingly vocal on twitter.

"I think a lot of legislators underestimate the power of social media, Rand said. It's what created the leverage behind this, it was what created the activism behind this, and the women of Texas aren't going to forget what is happening here."

Rand argues the bill would have a larger impact on women in the valley compared to larger cities in the state because it would close all abortion clinics in the RGV.

"Now we are not just going to say, not only do you have to deal with horrible life event, but now you have to drive to San Antonio, take time off from your job, incur the expense of a hotel, go to a clinic on one day, wait 24 hours, go back and have the procedure and then drive back to the RGV," Rand said.

If the bill is pushed through before the end of the second special session it will most likely face another tough fight in court.

"This is an issue that has already been resolved by the federal government and now we are just kind of digging it up and wasting tax payer TMs money on a second session is just an abuse of power, Rand said.

If the bill passes, Texas will be the 13th state to ban abortions after 20 weeks or less.

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