Accident at Schlitterbahn leaves two workers hospitalized

Schiltterbahn Beach Report

Two construction workers have been hospitalized following an accident at the Schlitterbahn water park on South Padre Island.

South Padre Island spokeswoman Naida Robles told Action 4 News that the accident happened Wednesday morning.

Robles confirmed the two maintenance workers were injured in a workplace accident.

Full details were not immediately available but paramedics were called to the water park.

Robles said authorities received reports that the workers had blunt force trauma to the head.

One worker was airlifted to the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

The other was taken by ambulance to the Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville.

Their medical condition was not known at this time.

Schlitterbahn Statement:

Two of our maintenance staff have been taken to area hospitals with injuries. At this point we don TMt know the extent of their injuries, we know when they left, both were conscious.

Our first concern was getting both men immediate medical attention and alerting their families. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and our staff is at each hospital.

Our staff here is very close knit, and our maintenance staff is well trained. This accident has been a shock to everyone. Our next step is to investigate exactly what led to it.