Accusation of sexual relations with contractor leads to deadly threats

San Benito Police Department: Victor Tolentino

A San Benito man was arrested for threatening to kill a woman over a rumored sexual relationship.

On Thursday evening, Victor Tolentino stormed into a home on Sage Circle.

The 64-year-old approached the woman, his ex-wife, inside the home accusing her of having a relationship with the male contractor who was outside measuring the property.

According to San Benito police, Tolentino began cutting the walls of the house with a knife in and up and down motion as he walked towards the victim.

The victim told police that Tolentino held the knife over her abdomen, threatening to kill her.

As the woman yelled for her son, the 64-year-old fled from the home.

Authorities were able to locate him just down the block and took him into custody.

Tolentino was arraigned by Judge Benjamin Yudesis and his bond was set at $9,000.

An Emergency Protection Order was issued as well.

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