Accused murderer faces more charges

Tijerina faces more charges

Accused murderer Gustavo Tijerina was arraigned in Cameron County on additional charges.

He TMs already facing capital murder charges for his role in the death of an off-duty border patrol agent that authorities said was killed during a botched armed robbery.

The 10 new counts include aggravated robbery and engaging in organized crime.

According to Cameron County authorities, Tijerina and several other suspects went on an armed robbery spree in fishing spots near Rio Hondo, before the deadly hold-up in Santa Monica.

Ismael Hernandez, 40, is also charged with capital murder for the death of Javier Vega, Jr. The off-duty border patrol agent was fishing with his family when Tijerina and Hernandez allegedly came-up behind them and gunfire was exchanged.

Just a few days later, Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio confirmed Tijerina was also involved in at least three armed robberies in which three couples were robbed at gunpoint and had their trucks stolen.

During his arraignment Thursday, Tijerina asked his attorney why there were so many charges against him - he also briefly looked over at the camera and smiled.

Tijerina TMs total bond is set at $2 million.