Accused 'wife beater cop' in Mission resigns amid criminal probe

Mission Police Officer Oscar Cardenas accused of beating wife.

Mission Police Officer Oscar Cardenas' month-and-a-half long suspension with pay ended Wednesday when he suddenly resigned from the force.

He's accused of beating, choking and threatening to kill his wife after a night at the club back in November.

The alleged victim stated in reports how her husband unleashed a barrage of punches on her while highly intoxicated because he believed she flirted with another man.

While Cardenas' resignation signals an end to Mission's internal police investigation, Chief Robert Dominguez says he is not off the hook with possible criminal charges.

District Attorney Rene Guerra, whose office is reviewing the case, says police cops should be held to a higher standard.

"We don't want police officers who are supposed to be setting the standards of law enforcement, to be accused of perpetrating these crimes that people there investigate and be called out on," he said.

Chief Dominguez says his department will be changing policies with regards to how his officers are investigated.

An Action 4 News ongoing investigation exposed a flawed system where officers wouldn't face a district attorney's office review if their accuser dropped the charges.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf questioned about that policy with Misison's chief shortly after obtaining exclusive police evidence that showed injuries ranging from a busted lip to choke marks and baseball-sized bruising on the woman's face.

"Why not just wipe your hands clean and let him [district attorney] decide whether this case should be pursued?" Ryan asked the chief back in November.

"Because as the chief of police, I make these decisions," Dominguez said. "Our protocol has always been that. Why should we change that?"

A question that's been answered after this case caught the public's eye.

The chief says Cardenas is still with his wife and the two continue to work out their differences.

His attorney has repeatedly refused to return calls from Action 4 News for a comment.

The district attorney has yet to make a decision on whether or not to pursue criminal charges linked to the case.