Action 4 Exclusive: Harlingen karate instructor's indictment unsealed

Carlos Anderson

The indictment against a Harlingen karate instructor accused of child sex abuse has been unsealed. Documents released by the Cameron County District Attorney's office show Carlos Anderson is charged with five counts of indecency with a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child and sexual assault of a child. The cases against him date back to 2006. He's accused of various forms of molestation -- some of his alleged victims were listed as younger than 14 years of age. A mother of one alleged victim not named in the indictment, turned to Action 4 News last week to detail the allegations involving her daughter and a close friend at the karate school. "He's accused of touching their behind, fondling their breast," she said. "He would ask certain questions... 'Did you shave'... 'What do you have going on down there?'" But the accusations linked to the karate instructor at USA Knights on 222 Jackson Street didn't end there. "On occasion he would walk around and say I know people in high places...I'll never get in trouble," the mother said. "I believe everyone is watching their steps with this one... they're tip-toeing around it... just because of the caution of who this person wife is." Carlos Anderson is married to Miryam Anderson, a lieutenant with the Harlingen police department. Some believe her husband received preferential treatment because he was never arrested following his indictment at the beginning of June. Chief Danny Castillo with the Harlingen P.D. released a statement shortly after Anderson surrendered to authorities late Monday afternoon. He explained how his department turned over the investigation to the Texas Rangers Office to avoid any "perception of favoritism." He also added how there was no information suggesting any "criminal association or involvement" by Lt. Anderson or anyone else at the police department. The 39 year old suspect will remain behind bars until he's formally charged Tuesday morning at 8.