Action 4 Exclusive: Interview with nurse at HEB shooting

Moises Gonzalez killed himself after leading police on a chase that ended at the Wal-Mart in Weslaco.

Olga Arias and her family planned to ring in the New Year with a small celebration but their trip to the neighborhood H-E-B grocery store changed everything.

"My daughter was supposed to get wine," Arias recalled. "There was a long line of cars so we waited outside and she went in through the produce section."

Not but a few minutes later, customers start running out of the store.

"Somebody yelled out, 'Someone's shooting...someone's been shot," and then we heard a loud pop," Arias said.

The experienced nurse and concerned mother sprang from her vehicle and headed straight into the store.

"I ran in through the pharmacy entrance and the cashier's were telling me to get down and that the shooter was still in the building," Arias remembered.

All Arias saw was a young woman in the same colored shirt as her daughter, on the ground and obviously wounded.

"I ran so hard...I don't even run...but I ran so hard," Arias said.

It was Maura Marroquin, a woman that Arias had seen on the news as having been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend Moises Gonzalez.

Arias said Maura was motionless, in a brown shirt, mini-skirt and perfectly polished red toenails.

Maura had escaped Gonzalez but unfortunately, she didn't make it far.

"She had her eyes slightly open," Arias said. "She was turned to the side with kind of a peaceful look in her facial expression."

Still, Arias' instincts kicked in.

"I went straight on my knees and started chest compressions," she said.

She then lifted Maura's shirt.

"There was a hole right in her heart, no blood," she said.

But Maura wouldn't respond. Her petite body was bleeding internally from the two gunshots fired by Gonzalez while she attemped to run away.

"My daughter was a few feet away from her, she ran past her and got a glimpse of the guy, then she heard a pop," Arias said.

The nurse that has looked tragedy in the face many times before can't shake the image of the murdered girl who easily could have been someone she knows.

"I went in there looking for my daughter," Arias said. "I found someone else's daughter and I couldn't do anything to save her. That's the worst nightmare we could have."