Action 4 Exclusive: Paramedics speak out after terrifying experience

Ambulance hit by driver

They are all smiles now, but just a few hours ago both Mario Chavez and David Garcia told Action 4 News they were in a fight for their lives.

It was a frightening experience, Chavez said. My first thought was to get out of the area. With everything that was happening I knew that I had to leave the area.

Chavez said he knew to keep calm but that was not easy.

He said the alleged suspect in all of this was trying to run him off the road.

I tried not to cause an accident, Chavez recounted. I tried to watch out for my safety, the safety of my partner, and my patient. The situation, how it was, was hard to think through. But I did it.

While it was always in the back of his mind to be cautious when responding to a call, what happened in Hargill was something that never crossed his mind.

It was a horrible reminder that we need to stay safe while on duty.

Chavez was not alone. In the back of the ambulance his partner, David Garcia, was attempting to keep the patient stabilized during the chaos.

He did not see much, but said he knew something was wrong when Chavez slammed on the brakes.

I ask him what was wrong? Garcia started. That TMs when I saw the vehicle It was pretty scary.

One person is in custody for the allegedly ramming the ambulance.

Action 4 News will continue to follow his story and post the latest as information as it becomes available.

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