Action 4 Investigates Expiration Dates for Make-Up

Millions of people put it on everyday, but how long should you wear your make-up before it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria?

As we uncovered there are no federal guidelines when it comes to make up expiration dates, but there are recommended guidelines you may want to follow.

While make up can be used to enhance your face, you may need to pay attention to its shelf life.

Dr. Michael Hohnadel of Rio Valley Dermatology spoke to Action 4 News.

"Make-up may be expensive I realize that but you don't want to get a case of pink eye because you kept a mascara too long you don't want to have acne because your foundation has become out of date," Hohnadel said.

So how long is to long?

Dermatologist Hohnadel says where a make-up product is used on the face determines how long it will be good for.

So what about that favorite lipstick?

"The excepted time is two to three years which is actually quite a while in turns out because it's a very greasy product and ultimately it's applied to your mouth which already has bacteria and so were not worried about causing you to have an eye problem or anything like that," Dr. Hohnadel said.

Speaking of eyes, make sure to keep an eye on your eye make up, especially your mascara.

"The recommendation for mascara is at least is about three to six months tops," Dr. Hohnadel said.

As for your powder, Dr. Hohnadel says it can also have a long shelf life, about two to three years, if it's been stored properly. But make sure to keep track of your sponges.

"As those get used they can become saturated with the oils on your skin bacterial growth can occur there, it's recommend every six months or so you would change the applicator pad," Dr. Hohnadel said.

So what are the signs to look out for to know when your make up is going bad?

"Sometimes they can get a funny smell, they can change their kind of texture, or smoothness in quality," Dr. Hohnadel said.

When in doubt simply throw your make up out.

"It's probably worth while to go through your make up drawer at least every six months and look at your products and definitely dispose of those that you have any questions about," Dr. Hohnadel said.

Dr. Hohnadel also says it's important to take off your make up on a daily basis.

When it comes to make up brushes, it's recommended you wash those one a month.