Action 4 Investigates high school football players in trouble

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said two 17-year-old football players from Los Fresnos High School were arrested for possession of marijuana on Saturday.

They said they were coming from a party but they had been drinking --however they did some marijuana inside their vehicle," said Lucio.

The teens were identified as Mauricio Almanza and Guadalupe Garcia and became the latest string of football players to get arrested for possession of marijuana.

Just two weeks ago, seven players from Harlingen High School were arrested after allegedly having alcohol in their possession, one of which had pot.

But could this be the start of some sort of trend?

Action 4 News went straight to the experts.

Since were on the border there TMs easy access to drugs, said Eluterio Blanco a counselor at Rio Grande Valley Counseling in Brownsville.

The counselor said he sees an average of 40 teens a month but that number tends to grow once school starts.

He explained the reasons teens turn to substance abuse vary but mainly deal with a traumatic experience like abuse or bullying.

Blanco told us the best way to approach the situation is to identify changes in behavior.

Very rarely do we get adolescents who come in voluntarily seeking services -- it TMs mostly because of the juvenile justice system -- court mandate or because of the parents."

But Blanco said sometimes getting busted isn TMt a bad thing and could lead to a road to recovery.