Action 4 Investigates: Pedophile Party Line?

Flipping thru the channels late at night you probably spot dozens of commercials for toll free telephone number offering the chance to chat with local singles.

Recently, Action 4 News uncovered one chat line offering way more.

It TMs called the Party line, and not only is this chat line free but it never verifies age.

The line offers eight chat rooms and beeps every time someone new joins in.

As many as 10 people can be in the chartroom at once, leaving the gate open for anyone to interact.

The main topic of conversation: Plenty of sex talks, exchanging of numbers and feuds over girls.

Many parents may have probably never heard of Party line" but chances are, their teenagers have.

Action 4 spent hours listening to some of the exchanges between callers.

A: Ashley...M: Ashley...Its Michael from Texas.A; Michael what TMs up|I TMm from Texas too...I TMm from Palmview.M: What?A: I TMm from Palmview

Obviously the main goal here is to network and finally meet.

Problem is many of these girls seem to be minors.

G: Hey Ashley how old are you?A: 13G: Hey you want my number so I can get a text and ill send you a text.A: How old are you?G: I'm ...I'm 18.

Action 4 News has decided not to reveal the number but really we don TMt need to it gets plenty of promotion from teens and adults on social media sites and via cell phone.

The call is free as long as you have a long distance plan on your home phone or cell.

Many taking advantage are adult men and young girls from right here in the valley.

G: Hey yo girl where u from?C; The ValleyG: What part of the valley?C: WeslacoG; u got a camera phone?C: YeahG: How old are youC: 16G; I TMm 18|I TMm from Edinburg

Action 4 News introduced the party line to Elizabeth Shull, Executive Director for Monica TMs House an advocacy group for abused children.

I TMm in shock; I can TMt believe there is a party line that I mean anybody can access," said Shull.

Shull deals with victims of sexual assault and though that TMs not the case here, she told Action 4 it TMs a way of getting there.

To me what was alarming was the fact these girls were given out their numbers they were telling these guys I TMm going to call you right now you better answer, said Shull. Obviously they are just setting themselves up for who knows what."

Befriending young girls isn TMt a crime; no laws are really being broken here.

Shull explained unless they start sending emails and pictures then legislation kicks in, that TMs when she says they cross the line.

G: Hey you got a camera phoneC; no duhG: Hey how old are youC: 15G; 15!

They sound extremely young, said the director. They are probably 16, 15, 14 just by their vocabulary and the way they come across you know they are young.

Shull said what worries her is that these girls don TMt realize what they're exposing themselves to.

As we know perpetrators come from all walks of life it could be anybody," explained Shull.

Action 4 News tried tracking down the number but our search turned only results of others praising the line and asking for numbers just like it.

The only thing we were able to uncover was that the number comes from Leaf River, Illinois.