Action 4 Investigates: The Co$t of Rubio

In 2003, a jury found John Allen Rubio guilty of killing his three children.

While no cost can compare to the loss of children TMs lives, Rubio TMs new trial could cost Cameron County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We anticipate total costs are going to run anywhere from $600,000 to $750,000, and that's unfortunate, said Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos.

Action 4 News tried getting an exact number of costs for the retrial, but the list we received from the county auditor was far from complete.

The list of costs only included jail costs for Rubio.

It did not include costs for the three other inmates staying in the Cameron County Jail who are going to be used as witnesses in Rubio TMs trial.

According to the Cameron County Auditor, the county has already spent over $260,000 for Rubio TMs retrial.

That amount, though, is only in reference to defense costs.

It does not includes costs for the prosecution.

The downside is the Cameron County taxpayer is paying not only for the defense, but they're also paying for the prosecution, said Cascos.

We're having to pay for the prosecution's expert witnesses. We're having to pay for the defense's expert witnesses."

And expert witnesses are what are costing the county so much money.

Cascos said it TMs almost become like a game of chess between the defense and the prosecution.

When the defense gets an expert witness, the prosecution matches with another expert witness.

Cascos said he hopes to avoid such costly court cases in the future.

He said he wants legislation enacted that would set a limit on how much money can be spent in court cases.