Action 4 News gets four Barbara Jordan Media Awards

Terminally ill Sharyland teen receives Christmas wish

Action 4 News takes action for the residents of the Rio Grande Valley every day and now, those efforts are being recognized the Office of the Governor.

KGBT-TV received word on Monday that it has won four Barbara Jordan Media awards from the Texas Governor TMs Office.

The awards recognize journalists who portray people with disabilities in a positive light while making their voices heard.

Four stories from Action 4 News in 2010 are among those receiving the prestigious award:

Blind woman's dog denied restaurant access Ryan WolfJanuary 21, 2010

Baseball league in the works for special needs kids Erika FloresApril 12, 2010

Disabled Man 'Denied' Handicapped Parking at Stadium in Donna Ryan WolfSeptember 2, 2010

Terminally ill Sharyland teen receives Christmas wish Marcy MartinezDecember 22, 2010

Judge told Action 4 News that they were impressed with the reporters TM work.

We sincerely appreciate their professionalism in presenting a story on people with disabilities, the judges said in a statement. The work they do makes a difference, and helps make our State a better place for ALL people|.

About Barbara Jordan

The Barbara Jordan Media Awards are named in honor of the Houston native and congresswoman who gained recognition and a place of honor in history.

She was known as a remarkable orator who broke barriers and built bridges.

She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and served for one day in 1972 as the Governor of Texas both Governor Preston Smith and Lt. Governor Ben Barnes were out of state.

In 1973, Jordan was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and eventually began to use a cane and then a wheelchair. Barbara Jordan passed away in 1996.

Each year the Governor TMs Committee on People with Disabilities, in conjunction with local committees throughout the state, accepts nominations for media professionals and students who have produced material for the public which accurately and positively reports on individuals with disabilities, using People First language and respectful depictions.

Nominations can be submitted by anyone, including the producer of the piece, by completing the submission form and sending it with any necessary supporting materials to the Governor TMs Committee on People with Disabilities