Action 4 News gets tour of 'drug bunker' home in Roma

Roma police said they have been to the home in question before"but only recently did they discover the hidden bunker filled with drugs.

Authorities made the unusual find at the Raucon Street home earlier this week.

Behind a locked door and under a bathroom floor they found a hidden bunker.

Inside the bunker were 73 bundles of marijuana totaling hundreds of pounds.

"Basically you have to use homemade scaffolds and as you can see its all cement, Roma Police Captain Francisco Garcia said. This was probably dug out when they originally built the garage."

The tunnel that leads to the bunker is not a big one. But it is big enough to fit bundles of marijuana through.

At the end of the tunnel is a tiny room where Garcia said the bundles were kept.

He said there was a marijuana press, tarp, and twine all found in the room. All items, he said, were used for the marijuana.

"It worries us about how many more are out there, Garcia said.

Katie: Do you think there are more?

"Oh yes. There probably is. This is one of many," Garcia said.

Police said it took someone a great deal of time and money to build something like this bunker.

But he said there is good reason for someone to spend the money if they want to hide their load.

He said marijuana puts off a strong odor.

If it were to be stored in a home the odor could escape---in cement room underground that would not happen.