Action 4 News receives death threat letter to WalMart employee

Letter claims plan to assassinate a Brownsville WalMart employee.

An alarming letter was sent to the Action 4 News newsroom by an unknown person or people who claim they plan to assassinate a Brownsville WalMart employee. The letter was mailed in to the news station and received on Tuesday.

It had no return address, but claims the store manager at the WalMart on Alton Gloor Blvd. in Brownsville will be assassinated.

The letter went on to say that the woman will be assassinated because she's fired too many employees that worked at this store.

It claims this has left people without jobs and wishing the store manager was dead.

Whoever typed out this letter also goes on to say that this assassination will go on to make national headlines and it will be a joyful day for employees when it happens.

Action 4 News notified both Harlingen and Brownsville Police.

Action 4 News also tried speaking to managers inside the store about the case.

Although they could not comment on camera, they did seem shaken up by the letter, but commented they haven't seen any suspicious activity at their store. The Cameron County Sheriff's Department has gotten involved in this case, and given the possible challenges of tracking down the letter, it's possible the Texas Rangers could also be involved.

Action 4 News will keep you posted on any new developments in this case.

WalMart's Statement:

We take threats like this very seriously, and we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our associates and customers. We are working closely with police and will do everything we can to help with their investigation. - WAL-MART