Action 4 saves Christmas, family nearly homeless

Frank Puente, owner of Puente roofing company

In less than 24 hours the Perez family will be getting a roof over their head after high winds destroyed their old one.

Thursday morning, Hilda Perez, a single mother and her four kids were left homeless.

Code enforcement officers, police and firefighters reported to her San Benito home Thursday after reports of a roof about to blow off.

Perez and her kids weren't home at the time.

"My cousin called me, it was like a loud pop but it just flew up," Perez said.

When she arrived at her home, authorities informed her that it was too dangerous to live in the house until the roof was fixed.

"Devastated, broke down and nauseated," Perez said. " I didn't know where to turn to, where to stay."

That's when Action 4 stepped in and contacted Frank Puente, owner of Puente roofing company.

Without hesitation Puente offered his services.

" I just like to give back to the community, I would hate my own child to be in a predicament like this," Puente said. "I thought this might be like an early Christmas gift for people who really need it."

Every year during the holiday season, Puente roofing company donates a free roof to a family in need.

Puente tells Action 4 that a safe trailer roof usually costs around $1,500 to $5,000, it all depends on the size.

Puente said that tin metal roofs, like the one the Perez family had, are very weak and high winds can easily destroy them.

"If it would have fallen completely obviously it could cut or hurt anybody because it's not light material, it's pretty heavy," Puente said.

Puente recommends that you get your roofs checked and if it can't handle the high winds change it.

Saturday morning Puente will come back with his team and give Hilda and her kids a new roof.