Action 4 surprises a La Villa family with gifts

Life isn't easy for the Solis family in La Villa.

Mom can't find full time work.

Her 2 young daughters are forced to take turns sleeping on the floor of a relative's small home where 7 people now live.

"It's going to be the first year that my girls won't be getting gifts from their mother," Cynthia Solis said.

Her humble Call 4 Action at six made such an impact at Action 4 that members of the team immediately pitched in with more than a hundred dollars in donations to help buy toys for her children who are 8 and 6 years old.

Toys were then bought at Weslaco's Wal-Mart.

Board games and Barbie dolls filled the cart.

"I'm looking for Katarina and Iasia," Ryan Wolf said as he entered the Solis home with toys in hand.

Katarina is the youngest.


Her smiling face said it all.

Iasia, who had already prepared herself to go without this year, kept repeating the words "thank you' over and over again as she received her presents.

"There are still people that have hearts out there," their mother said.

The early Christmas is a sight Cynthia never thought she'd see.

It TMs a dream come true for her.

But Santa had a little something for her too.

Ryan: "Wal-Mart was so touched by the story... That Wal-Mart wanted help out as well and for you a $50 gift card."

Cynthia: "What can I say... I just want to thank them... Thank you all... And everything because I didn't have it... And I wouldn't have anything for them if it wasn't for you all."

It's a family filled with love, a Christmas they say they'll never forget.

"Merry Christmas."