Action 4 Update: Harlingen High School South Sex Abuse Case

The Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District is responding to allegations that one of its principals did not properly respond to a student's outcry of sexual abuse.

A Harlingen father claimed a student sexually assaulted his son on a school trip with Harlingen High School South.

Police reports show the father notified the high school, and the school did not contact law enforcement.

Instead, police reports reveal the school's principal, Dr. Joe Rodriguez, claimed to have contacted Child Protective Services.

Action 4 News asked Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores if law enforcement should be contacted when a student makes an outcry of sexual abuse.

Dr. Flores said law enforcement should be contacted, but in this case, Principal Rodriguez followed all procedures and processes.

Dr. Flores could not give details as to exactly how he followed procedure, citing a student TMs right to privacy.

In this statement to Action 4 News, Flores said Student and staff safety is my primary concern as Superintendent of schools at H.C.I.S.D."

Dr. Flores also wanted to stress that if any student is sexually abused to let an adult know immediately.

Currently, the sexual abuse case is being investigated in the county where it allegedly happened.

Harlingen Police confirm they are assisting in the investigation.