Addition of Customs officers will lower wait times at border crossings

Traffic is expected to move a lot quicker at border crossings in the valley after a Homeland subcommittee approved the addition of 1,600 Customs and Border Protection officers across the board. Congressman Henry Cuellar says wait times would be cut down from an average hour getting potential shoppers into the U.S. efficiently.

"Every day we are losing millions of dollars because of vehicles waiting to cross our bridges."

Congressman Cuellar says many times a year especially during holidays, bridges in the valley turn into parking lots.

That is why passing this first hurdle is a big step for the region with a number of the 1,600 new officers heading this way.

"We're talking about a couple hundred million dollars to hire more officers, I assume a large number of them will be coming down to the state of Texas and the border, Congressman Cuellar said, In the next couple of weeks the bill could go to the floor for a vote.

Cuellar says aside from the economic boost it will encourage, the addition of these customs officers will mean more eyes on the vehicles coming across from Mexico and more importantly what they are transporting.

"This will provide more security, more people watching our bridges, more security for the valley and State of Texas, Congressman Cuellar said.