Address misunderstanding leads to stabbing of 14-year-old

30-year-old Jose Miguel Mireles

Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department is investigating the death of a teen who was allegedly stabbed to death by a 30-year-old man.

According to Chief Gus Reyna, a group of teens, including the 14-year-old, went to a home looking for a girl, but ended up at the wrong address.

The home they went to was on 6811 Greystone Drive outside of Brownsville.

A man walked out of the home and was upset the group was there.

He started throwing bricks at the teens. They all drove away but left a car behind.

The 14-year-old came back with some of the group to get the other car.

When they went back, the man came out of the house again and got into an argument with the 14-year-old.

During the argument, the man allegedly stabbed the teen to death.

The 30-year-old murder suspect has been identified as Jose Miguel Mireles.

He is in custody and has been charged with resisting, evading arrest and murder.

Mireles has a criminal record.

Authorities still can not find the murder weapon.

The teen was from Houston and had come to the Brownsville area to visit his grandmother.