Affordable Care Act: Friend or Foe

Enroll America members are on a mission come October 1st.

"Tomorrow is a historical day all over the US and especially here in the RGV"

Jose Medrano is with the coalition of non-profits working across the valley to get uninsured individuals enrolled in the Affordable Care Act.

There are nearly 300,000 people in the valley who don't have insurance.

That's why getting the word out is so important.

As is clearing up some of the misconceptions about the Affordable Care Act like the thought that pre-existing conditions will be a problem.

"That's entirely false, no one can be excluded from the affordable health care plan - family doctor, emergency care and maternity care and child care visits will all be covered."

Medrano says anyone, regardless of age, who doesn't have insurance can enroll, including college students who do not get coverage under their parents.

Enroll America is here to educate the public about the new health care opportunity and get them in line with what is law throughout the country.

"The controversy comes from the political side of it but we are not involved in that, we are following the law and making sure that the hundreds of thousands of uninsured in the valley get enrolled in this plan."

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