Agencies collect child support from other benefits

The recession has hit hard across the nation, and local child support agencies said although they've collected more this year than last, people are still struggling to pay.

Frank Lozoya has custody of his four kids.

He said it's a struggle in this economy to raise the kids on his income alone.

"It is a little bit hard you know with four children," said Lozoya. "They're growing up. They need stuff."

He said his ex is supposed to pay child support, but she's 20,900 dollars delinquent in her payments.

"Basically she can't hold a steady job," said Lozoya.

He claims she has odd jobs because of her legal status.

Tuesday was their first custody hearing, but she was a no-show.

"It's necessary that I get the help from her," said Lozoya.

The child support division at the Attorney General's office reports that more people are coming in for the first time requesting help to collect child support.

"Also more parents are coming to us requesting a modification of child support," said Janece Rolfe, communications manager of the child support division.

Rolfe said because of the recession, their office is helping more qualified parents who have lost their salaries or suffered a pay cut. Agencies are also collecting from unemployment benefits if they have to.

"People are having more difficulty than before to make their payment and in those cases, we ask people to give us a call and let us know what's going on and also to pay something towards their child support obligations," said Rolfe.

Rolfe said their office helps parents regardless of their status in this country to pay child support, and if they have a hard time keeping a steady job, the child support division works with a workforce board that can help parents with job training.

If after the child support division has worked with parents that have overdue payments and those parents still aren't paying child support, some of the consequences include drivers license suspension and income tax checks being withheld.

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