Ahumada trial to begin Tuesday

The trial of Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada is scheduled to begin on Tuesday in the Cameron County Courthouse, after pre-trial motions and jury selection took place on Monday.

The morning started out with pre-trial motions for Ahumada, who is facing charges of abuse of official capacity, misapplication of fiduciary funds, and theft charges.

Later that afternoon, the jury for the trial was selected out of more than 120 potential jurors.

The charges stemmed from a $26,000 check made payable to a New York vendor, but ended up in the mayor's bank account.

Defense attorneys asked that the charges be dropped during Monday TMs proceedings, but a visiting judge, Robert C. Pate, denied those requests.

The mayor maintains he is innocent of the charges he is facing, but if he is found guilty, he has asked for probation.