Air show performers expected to survive burns suffered in plane crash

Amanda and Kyle Franklin grew-up around airplanes. For the married couple, it TMs a family affair that brought their talents together since both of their fathers were also performers.

"They are arguably the best acts in the country and there are some others that are on the same level but Amanda, Kyle, and her brother Matt are three of the very best anywhere in the world," Chris Hughston, Air Fiesta organizer said.

However on Saturday, not even the best were able to escape a horrifying and unexpected engine failure on the plane there were using for their stunt show.

The plane's engine sparked in flames while in mid-air. Amanda Franklin scrambled to unbuckle herself, quickly making her way back inside the cockpit to escape the flames.

Organizers said she was successful in doing so, but the plane still went down and the impact was too powerful to avoid.

"The professional performers do everything they can to make it as safe as possible, Hughston said. This was an odd situation we're not sure what happened yet, but it's obvious they had a sudden and massive engine failure."

Hughston said emergency crews rushed to the scene.

"If they had not responded so quickly neither of them would've survived," he said.

Still the damage was done.

"(Amanda Franklin) had burns over 60 to 70 percent of her body, Hughston said. One arm was particularly burned badly. Kyle is in considerably better condition."

For Amanda and Kyle tragedy is no stranger.

Their fathers, who were also performers, died as a result of crash during a show, six years ago.

It's an eerie reminder that their passion for risk-taking can easily take a dangerous turn.

"We dedicated the show to her name this morning we made an announcement to the crowd explaining the situation and asked everybody to keep them both in our prayers," Hughston said.

Amanda Franklin turns 25-years-old on Monday.