Airforce Veteran in the Christmas Spirit

Jose Solis also known as Wally has lived a structured life for 40 years.

He was in the army for a couple of years and then went into the Air Force.

Now, all that has changed, he has a new boss.

"Being a military man, they think they know everything which is good," said Jose's wife. "But sometimes in a business like this, you learn by experience." Mrs. Solis is referring to the family run business of selling Christmas trees and decorative wood.

"I jumped one day from one job to another job," said Jose. "Which is longer hours and working harder and picking up heavy trees and everything."

At this set-up Christmas shop on south 77 Sunshine Strip in Harlingen, you'll find the whole family helping out.

Mrs. Solis said it TMs all about family and this year she TMs happy Wally gets to be home and spend Christmas with the family.

He said he hasn TMt experienced relaxing like most of his friends.

"I haven TMt had the chance of saying I TMm taking a break," said Jose.

Solis said he will expect a big change after the 4 weeks of selling Christmas trees, maybe some down time at home, if the boss [Mrs. Solis] will allow it.