Alamo house fire leads to close in on wanted man

A man accused of trying to kill his girlfriend by setting her house on fire was arrested on Tuesday.

He had been a wanted man for two years and Hidalgo County deputies said they had been searching for Juan Carlos Sanchez but always came up empty handed.

All deputies needed to finally close in on the fugitive was that he allegedly set his girlfriend's house on fire early Sunday morning in Alamo.

Handcuffed and heavily guarded, Hidalgo County sheriff deputies made sure Sanchez stay put this time around.

They say back in 2010 Sanchez, along with several others, invaded a home on Adams Lee Street just north of Edinburg.

That home, investigators said, was a stash house for illegal immigrants.

During the invasion two of those immigrants were shot by the men but they all survived.

Investigators said they tried tracking down Sanchez for years but were told he fled to Mexico.

Once that happens, police said locating a fugitive becomes almost impossible.

"He is an illegal and a Mexican citizen, said Commander John Montamoyer. It is difficult to reach out to the authorities over there because you don't know where he lives in Mexico."

The fire on Sunday left Maria De Jesus Castaneda severely burned and recovering in a San Antonio hospital.

She is expected to make a full recovery.

Authorities charged Sanchez with one count of arson and two counts of attempted capital murder.

The judge set his bond at 3 million dollars.