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      Alamo kidnapping stemmed from Xanax deal gone wrong

      It was thought to be a random act of violence but new details have emerged one week after a woman was allegedly kidnapped from the Walmart store in Alamo.

      Police believe the woman was targeted because she was allegedly selling prescription drugs to the suspects.

      Alamo police said when statements didn't add up, they knew there was a problem.

      Investigators requested surveillance video from the store and finally got the break they were looking for.

      Police said the video shows the victim actually spoke with both suspects before the kidnapping.

      And after hours of questioning, police discovered she had agreed to meet Joshua Arteaga and Kevin Gonzalez outside the store to sell them Xanax pills.

      The men and victim apparently had a dispute over the price and when the she tried leaving, Arteaga pulled out a gun demanded that she get into his SUV.

      The woman did manage to escape less than a quarter of a mile down the road and was not seriously injured.

      Arteaga was picked up a short while later by Alamo police.

      Investigators said Gonzalez allegedly faked his own robbery in Donna so he couldn't be linked to the kidnapping.

      Gonzalez was charged with filing a false report and will be charged with aggravated kidnapping in Alamo.

      The victim could face charges but police said that will be up to the Hidalgo County District Attorney TMs Office.

      This isn't the first time this week someone has been arrested for trying to sell Xanax pills, are known on the streets as bars or T-bars.

      Just yesterday, San Juan police arrested a mother for allegedly giving prescription pills to teenagers.

      Police said the San Juan incident it connected to the Alamo incident.