Alamo man wary of possible phone scam

Tor the past ten years, Bill Lang and his wife have called Alamo home as they escape the icy winters of Chicago.

But when he arrived this time season, his mild and calm winter was interrupted by what he called harassing calls.

Lang said he received on average three calls per week from unknown numbers.

When he picked up, they claimed they were calling from Account Services and asked him for his personal information.

"As soon as you deviate from giving them any information they hang up on you, Lang said. They want your credit card information which of course I didn TMt give them."

According to the Better Business Bureau, Lang did the right thing.

They said no one should ever give out your Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers to anyone that contacts them.

Lang even took it a step further by filing a complaint with Alamo police and blocking the numbers.

But that has not worked.

"As soon as you block one of them, they call you from another one, and in my opinion that's harassment," he added.

Lang researched the blocked numbers online and discovered that hundreds, if not thousands, of people reported getting the same calls from all different kinds of numbers.

Though the calls get through, whenever Lang tried calling back a recording said the numbers were disconnected or not working.

Anyone wanting to file a complaint can do so at their local police department, or with the Federal Trade Commission here.