Alamo manhunt connected to gun trafficking investigation

Manhunt end with arrest in Alamo

Authorities set a perimeter while they tracked down and arrested a weapons trafficking suspect in north Alamo.

Alamo Police Chief Arturo Espinoza told Action 4 News that his officers have been called to help.

Chief Espinoza said federal agents called for assistance in locating a man.

A perimeter has been set up along Tower Road between Sioux and El Dora Roads.

U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) agents arrested the man at the scene.

ATF spokeswoman Franceska Perot said agents were investigating a firearms trafficking group.

Investigators believe that group was smuggling weapons into Mexico.

Full details were not immediately available but Perot said one man tried to flee but was arrested.

Several people have been detained for questioning but the suspects facing charges could appear before a federal judge in McAllen as soon as Thursday morning.