Alamo woman survives breast cancer then loses life to brain cancer

Zulema Ruiz lost her battle with cancer

It's the surprise Zulema Ruiz talked about until the day she died.

"Zulema... It's Ryan Wolf with Action 4 News," Ryan said as he walked inside her hospital room last September.

"Hi!" Zulema Ruiz said with a big smile.

"You look surprised to see me," Ryan said next.

"Yes I am!" she said.

Her friend, Carmen Elizondo, turned to the Pay it 4Ward program back in September to reward the 41-year-old Alamo woman's kindness.

"You've tried to whenever you can to help me out even though you're in the situation that you're in," she said to Zulema during the Pay it 4Ward surprise.

Zulema's medical problems landed her in the hospital a lot.

Soon after beating breast cancer, she became diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

But Carmen says on the day of her surprise, Zulema never felt more alive.

"It's just beautiful," Zulema told Action 4's Ryan Wolf back then. "It's emotional. I cannot believe that I'm loved somewhere out there."

Zulema would go on to fight for another 4 months until that awful cancer simply became too much.

She was buried last Friday at the San Juan Cemetery.

Carmen says her friend's kindness never wavered.

"Until the very end, Ryan, she was always there," Carmen said.

That's the reason why GEF Financial, formerly FNB Insurance, wants to Pay it 4Ward in Zulema's name.

Bill Jones is spokesperson for the Pay it 4Ward partner.

"I just want to say that your sister made a lasting impression on the Pay it 4Ward program," he told Anabell Ruiz, Zulema's sister. "She was a kind and honorable person. We'd like to honor that memory of hers. So on behalf of Action 4 News and GEF Financial, we'd like to present a check made out to the American Cancer Society for $400 in honor of your sister Zulema and on behalf of your sister Zulema."

Anabell Ruiz says she knows her sister is smiling down from above.

"I want to thank Channel 4 and GEF for making this amazing program for my sister... in memory of my sister Zulema," she said. "Thank you."

Anabell will never forget her love.

The Pay it 4Ward family will never forget Zulema's story of kindness.

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