Alleged bullying victim calls on Edinburg School District to do more

Normally Action 4 News would protect Victoria Ochoa's identity, because she's a minor and an alleged victim of bullying.

But the 14-year-old wants to show her face.

She wants her story to bring change.

"I was saying that like if I took my own life, people would stop mocking me, said Victoria.

In cell phone video, Victoria can be seen getting beat up.

She told Action 4 News bullying got so bad at B.L. Garza Middle School in Edinburg, she almost ended her life.

It was just real hard, said Victoria. I couldn TMt take it.

Victoria did not try committing suicide.

Instead, she turned to her mom for help.

Her mom went to the school.

"I send my daughter to school to get educated, not to get beat up, tortured physically and mentally, said Victoria TMs mom, Criselda Alvarado.

Victoria's mom showed Action 4 News three case numbers she filed with Edinburg School District police.

One she said is for cyber bullying.

Two are for assaults she said happened in early 2011.

"I'm angry because I've pushed it forward, and I'm still not getting anywhere," said Alvarado.

Alvarado said school police are not helping her file charges.

The school district said they are still waiting for attorney advice whether to release police reports to Action 4 News.

The district refused an on-camera interview to respond to this mom's allegations.

We asked them to explain their bullying policy.

An Edinburg School District spokesman first said the school district was limited in what they could do, because the Texas Education Code did not allow a bully to be transferred to another school or classroom, only a victim.

Action 4 News did a bit more digging, and we found out that was not true.

A law passed in 2011 changed that.

In Texas, bullies are now allowed to be transferred to other schools or classrooms as well.

The Edinburg School District was not aware but is now preparing to change their policy.

Victoria's mom is now asking school staff and parents to get more involved.

You wouldn TMt like it if this was your child, because it really hurts a lot, said Alvarado.

Victoria is asking bullies to back down and victims to speak up.

She TMs now at another middle school outside of the Edinburg School District.

Action 4 News also looked at some Valley school district policies on bullying.

According to policies posted on-line, several school districts have not implemented the newest anti-bullying law that allows bullies to be transferred.

According to the Texas Education Agency, the law has been in effect since September 2011.

School districts have until September 2012 to include it in their policies.