Alleged con artist promises jobs for cash

Ruben Ramon

A place of worship, also the scene where a man's hard earned cash was allegedly swiped.

"This is where we met up to explain the details of the job and where we were going to be stationed at," Ruben Ramon said.

Ramon said his brother gave Jose Longoria $850.

That money was supposed to be used to help Ramon and two family members get a job in the oil field.

"It was for equipment like boots, uniforms, to pay for our drug test and for our safety course," Ramon said.

Longoria allegedly presented himself as a recruiter for JC Ferguson, an oil company in Texas.

Ramon alleges that Longoria has him and his family members fill out applications and provide copies of their social security cards and driver's license.

A month went by and no job.

So Ramon and his brother Googled Longoria's name and found a five year-old Action 4 News article.

"We found a case from channel 4 back in 2009, he was supposed to be a contractor for a concrete company and he scammed a couple of people out of thousands of dollars," Ramon said.

After reading the story he turned to Action 4 News.

We did some digging and learned Longoria has been arrested three times for theft and recently completed his parole.

We contacted Longoria, he declined to do an on-camera interview.

He said he did find Ramon and his family members jobs, only they paid $9 an hour instead of the $15 an hour he allegedly promised.

Ramon denies that claim and said he now worries about the safety of his identity.

"He could easily go and sell that to other people," Ramon said.

Longoria promised to return Ramon's brother's money, but has yet to do it.

Ramon has filed a police report with San Juan Police and Weslaco Police.

Longoria remains on parole until August 31, 2015.

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