Alleged former 8 liner owner opens shop at home

Harlingen police uncovered a gambling establishment inside a home.

A single man who kept to himself living in a 3 bedroom home off Stuart Place Road was apparently up to more than his neighbors were aware of."They found a gambling establishment inside the home," says Sgt. John Parrish. Harlingen police were called out to the home Thursday night for a possible shooting and hostage situation, luckily it was neither, but they did uncover several gambling machines inside the den of the house.According to a source close to the suspect, Enrique Moya, a registered sex offender, used to run one or more 8-liner establishments in Cameron County but when authorities shut them down, he brought several machines to the home he rents.Authorities uncovered at least 27 slot machines, an ATM and cash counters.There were also 11 patrons believed to be gambling.The Cameron County DA's office recently closed down game rooms across the county, including Moya's according to the source, and the district attorney says for that reason individuals are finding creative ways to remain open.According to Texas Law and the Attorney General, eight-liner establishments or sweepstakes that give cash prizes of $5 ormore, even if some or all proceeds benefit a non-profit/charity, are deemed an illegal gambling operation.People who live near the home where Moya is accused of running an illegal operation tell us they didn't notice increased activity, there were no additional vehicles parked at the home to indicate several people were inside.The source close to the suspect says patrons were parked elsewhere and were driven over in groups to not attract attention to the home.Authorities warn, regardless of where they set up, illegal gambling establishments will be shut down and those responsible for running them will be prosecuted.