Alleged McAllen HS Bomb Threat Text: 'I will find you and kill you.'

A bomb threat made via text Friday prompted an evacuation at McAllen Memorial High School.

The district is calling it a hoax, but for one family the threat is all too real.

Action 4 News sat down with a woman, who said she knows the man behind the bomb scare because it was her daughter that got the text message.

This woman who does not want to be identified and we'll only call Sophie, said the alleged text message that set off the evacuation at Memorial High School reads:

'U know who this is... Ur family has done so much harm| I know where u live and what school u go to|There is a bomb planed in your school|ur mother will no longer live another day at work| u have 5 hours to save all these people. If you dare to report I will find you and kill you.'

McAllen ISD officials said the school was searched twice and no explosive device was found.

They add that the text was sent through an app disguising the identity of the sender.

However, this woman said she knows exactly who is behind it.

Sophie claims she used to date this man.

After a bad break up, Sophie unsuccessfully tried to get a protective order against him.

"It's scary you don't know where to run or where to go where to hide and obviously he's been doing his research because he tracked us down," said Sophie, who now fears for her life.

She says he's the reason she's had to live her life looking over her shoulder, for the past two and a half years.

"Well I've been moving around a lot 'cause sometimes I feel that he's looking around. I don't hang out at places where I used to hang out. I bought another vehicle. It's kind of scary because you don't know what he's capable of. He's already threatened me before. Authorities ignored it and now we're back again to this," Sophie said.

Following the bomb threat and other serious threats her ex allegedly sent her, Sophie filed a report with McAllen ISD police and McAllen Police Department.

However, McAllen police told her she'd have to wait until Monday to speak to an investigator - Sophie worries that may be too late.

"My fear right now is the message that he sent me|.that he would rape my daughter and kill me and my family and for me|that's the scariest thing," said Sophie.Sophie has repeatedly asked the man to stop with the threats. His reply? He wants not only Sophie, but her daughter too. Sophie said McAllen police aren't doing enough and she feels like a sitting duck.

This is the latest text received today.

'I know everything about you|.just so you know someone who works with McAllen PD gives me all this information and CPS|I have connections.'

Her biggest fear now is that he'll make good on his threats to kill her family.

"He's capable of anything for revenge," said a fearful Sophie.

Action 4 reached out to McAllen police to address Sophie's concerns both Friday and Saturday.

When our call was returned, we were told to call back on Monday.