Alleged scheme to get rid of sports car ends with arrest

Jose Angel Nava // Hidalgo County Jail Photo

A McAllen man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly tried to get of out his car payments by having it stolen and set on fire.

Investigators with the Hidalgo County Fire Marshal TMs Office arrested Jose Angel Nava on an arson charge on Thursday.

The 33-year-old McAllen man is accused in a scheme where he allegedly had someone steal his sports car and set it on fire back on October 13th.

Hidalgo County Fire Marshal Juan Martinez said their investigation started with a burning car north of Palmview.

Investigators found a burning 2012 Nissan 370z in an orchard off Mile 8 1/2 North and Bentsen Palm Drive.

Nava claimed the car had been stolen from the parking lot of Life Care Hospital where he works in McAllen.

Fire Marshal Martinez said Nissan 370z TMs are among the difficult cars to steal but surveillance video show that the thief stole it in three seconds leading them to believe it was an inside job.

Investigators believe Nava no longer wanted the $35,000 sports car and hatched the scheme to get rid of it.

McAllen police also filed a false report to a police officer charge against Nava.

The McAllen man remains in custody at the Hidalgo County Jail under $22,000 in bonds.