Alleged Zeta arrested for aggravated robbery

A night of trying their luck at a an 8-liner on FM 1732 outside of Olmito, turned into terrifying moments for 14 people recently.

Sheriff Omar Lucio said four men armed with high powered rifles, stormed the building looking to make-off with all they could.

The alleged look-out and ring leader, Lucio said, was Rodolfo Casares - who the sheriff said is linked to Mexican drug cartels.

"It is believed, according to investigators, that Rodolfo Casares was a member of the Gulf Cartel, Lucio said. However, at the present time, he is involved with the Zetas. He is involved as the leader of the people on this side."

Casares and the four others were tracked down and charged with aggravated robbery and engaging in organized criminal activity, Lucio said.

The investigation also led sheriff deputies to a home on Iowa Gardens near San Benito.

Lucio said there they found the weapons and masks believed were used in the robbery, as well as communication electronics and ammunition.

Lucio said they were all accessories for Casares' operations.

"I understand (Casares) was also a recruiter and recruiting people (here), Lucio said. He also has to do with the transportation of drugs in this part of the country."

Recruiting people here, the sheriff said, makes crimes easier cartels.

"The local citizens will have all the necessary papers, Lucio said. So, for (cartel members) to bring it across and give it to these people to transport, is common. That is how they operate."

Lucio said the bust is evidence members of these organizations are in the Rio Grande Valley.

Any county, any city that is close to the border is going to have this kind of a problem, and has had it for many, many years," Lucio said.

The sheriff is also calling on the state to hand down stricter laws for 8-liner establishments.