Alligator incident in Brownsville leads to lawsuit

Brownsville animal control officer, Daniel Lerma, is suing the city of Brownsville, it TMs city manager and the interim police.

It was filed almost a year ago after the animal control officer found an alligator with an arrow through its neck.

According to the lawsuit, Lerma was the responding animal control officer when an alligator was found dead from an arrow through its neck in a Brownsville resaca.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife apparently issued a permit for Lerma to remove the alligator's head to keep for educational purposes.

According to the report, Lerma videotaped the process as he was trained to do.

But he was allegedly told by his supervisor to delete it to prevent animal rights groups from getting a hold of it.

It was then that the suit claims Brownsville police were called in to investigate the matter, and in the process, illegally detained Lerma for about two hours. Lerma claims he suffered emotional pain and suffering, mental anguish, headaches and nightmares.

According to the lawsuit, Lerma has also become withdrawn, fearful and depressed leaving his reputation and good name tarnished.

Action 4 News contacted Lerma's attorneys who refused to comment and said they'll let the suit speak for itself.

Action 4 News also put in calls to the city and they have not returned any of our calls.