Alton man claims he was scammed by Water Purification Company

An Alton man, who recently moved into his dream home with his family, is reaching out to Action 4 News claiming he was scammed by a company named X-Treme Water Purification.

As we were moving-in, this gentleman showed-up and he expressed his interest in selling us a water softener (system)," the Alton man said. "We were interested in a water softener, so we did speak to him and we discussed prices, we discussed the product - he was very knowledgeable (and) he showed me a business card."

The business man left his business card and a receipt for the $1,700 water softener system.

Thinking he got a bargain, the now dissatisfied customer gave the salesman a check for the full balance.

A few minutes later, the Alton man said he talked to a neighbor about the purchase.

That TMs when he said his neighbor expressed concerns about the business.

"I immediately went online, I checked him out and that's when I saw several complaints on him, the Alton man said. I called the bank immediately, (but) he had already cashed the check within 10 minutes.

The customer said the salesman left a small kit at his home, but still, he hasn't heard from him since September.

President of the South Texas Better Business Bureau Dolores Salinas said they've gotten several complaints about the salesman and the different company names he allegedly operates under.

"We've heard of him before, Salinas said. When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When someone is offering you a great price on a water system that you know is much more expensive, that should be a red flag."

Salinas said none of the businesses registered to the salesman's name have ever been accredited by the BBB, because she said they don't meet BBB standards.

Action 4 News called the businessman on the number listed on the BBB website, but only got a recording that stated, "at the subscribers request, this phone does not accept incoming calls."

The Alton man said he TMs already filed a report with the Alton Police Department.

Investigators there told Action 4 News they could not comment on specifics, but added that they are looking into the matter.

Being victimized for money that you've worked hard for, and to have someone just take it like that, it doesn't feel good, the Alton man said.