Alton man gets life in prison for family's murder

With his attorney's arm around him, Roberto Aguirre Rojas learned he will not be killed.

Instead, a jury sentenced the Alton man to life in prison with no possibility of parole and a $10,000 fine.

Rojas plead guilty to murdering his son, two stepchildren and his mother-in-law last week.

The murders happened in December of 2008.

Rojas will never have the chance to leave prison.

Still, his sentence struck anger in an uncle of the murdered kids.

The uncle scolded the jury.

You just showed everybody, everybody in the whole world that you can kill your family and your own son, people we love and you can live, get life in prison, said the uncle. It TMs a shame.

Rojas's wife, who Rojas tried to kill, left the courtroom after hearing only one of Rojas's three sentences.

Rojas himself spoke few words and had little reaction during his sentencing.

Rojas had nothing to tell reporters as attorneys led him from the courtroom back to jail.

Rojas will stay in jail until he dies.

Jury Deliberating in Alton Massacre