Alton mother vows not to give up hope in search for son

Armed with a few dozen missing person flyers, Janie Villegas criss-crosses the Valley in a desperate search for her son.

"I've been to Starr County... I've been to San Isidro... I've been to Edinburg... west of the Valley... east of the Valley... south... north... We've been everywhere," she said.

Antonio "Tony" Villegas Jr. disappeared on August 21st.

Search efforts early on centered on Butterfly Park in Mission.

The Alton man claimed to have been abducted near there by a group of illegal immigrants, according to more than a dozen 9-1-1 calls he made to police for help.

Mission investigators remain optimistic but have since shut down a phone bank once manned around the clock.

Leads have been few and far between, according to Assistant Police Chief Martin Garza.

Janie refuses to allow her son's case to go cold.

Ryan: Is there any part of you that feels like losing hope?

Janie: "No... It's not going to go cold... I'm determined... I'm a mom... And my son is out there somewhere... You bet I'm going to continue strong... And I will not allow his case to go cold."

Much of her strength comes with her strong faith in God.

Community support from business owners like Maribel Cavazos at Global Insurance in Mission helps her to remain positive.

Maribel gave Janie a hug after hearing her nonstop search.

The owners of a Laundromat in Mission posted missing flyers handed to them.

"My son is alive... I know my son is alive," Janie said.

She vows not to give up.

Anyone with information should contact Mission Crime Stoppers at (956) 581-8477.

There is a $5,000 reward being offered for information leading authorities to Anthony Villegas Jr.

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